Sports Participation Physicals for Student Athletes in Bozeman

Whether you are a student playing sports, or a hobbyist playing on an adult amateur league, getting sports physicals on a regular basis is a good idea. It is essential to a safe and healthy sporting experience to make sure you or your child are in the proper condition for playing. A sports physical will give you this information and peace of mind.

In fact, most schools require students to get sports physicals for student athletes prior to playing. These are also referred to as sports participation physicals. Here at Elite Chiropractic, we are happy to provide these physicals to students in every part of Bozeman and the surrounding areas, as well as to adult hobbyist players.

We are a trusted provider of sports physicals in Bozeman, and our chiropractor takes a very detailed approach to evaluating athletes in accordance with the participation requirements of their schools. You and your child will find your experience here to be a good one, and one that will keep you coming back as long as those exams are required during your child’s school career.

We get a lot of word of mouth recommendations from other students. Our clients are proud to tell their friends and family they come here, and those they refer to us refer their own circle of associates. Once you’ve used our chiropractic clinic in Bozeman for a sports physical, you won’t find a need to go elsewhere for one again. You will know you have found your sports physical home.

The Difference Between Sports Physicals and Regular Ones
If you have never played sports at school or in an adult league before, you should know that a sports physical is a bit different than a regular one. The point of the sports physical is to make sure you are fit and healthy enough to play the sport or sports of your choice. You need a qualified doctor to check you out in the correct way to make sure you’re good to play safely.

Our chiropractor in Bozeman is eager to make sure each athlete who comes to us is able to get cleared to play with complete confidence so they can participate in the sport or sports they love most. After all, there are many benefits to participating in sports. There is a lot of exercise that comes with it, which helps participants stay in shape and in their best health. Playing also improves your stamina, muscle tone, and even mental performance, by improving your concentration. This means participating with sports can even help you do better on exams, school work, and even your work at a job. There are many good reasons for playing sports.

That is why it is so important to make sure you are in excellent health and condition for playing them. Here at your chiropractor in Bozeman MT, we will check you for things like:

  • Range of motion
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Hernia
  • Vision
  • Pulse
  • A complete health exam

What to Do Next
Make an appointment with us to get your child his or her sports physical, or get one for yourself. We are eager to meet you and to welcome you to the Elite Chiropractic family.